Our customers take advantage of Fluid Connected Oil Solutions to address the most striking demands of today’s heavy industry and logistics – reliable and extended operational run-times, rigorous cost budgets and finding ways for more sustainable operations.

Fluid Intelligence customers come from Energy, Pulp & paper, Chemical, Manufacturing, Logistics and Mining industries. The companies include Kainuun Voima, Multimek, Konecranes Finland, Solvay Chemicals Finland and Hyundai Mobis among others.

Energy and Heavy Industry

Most of our customers benefit from Fluid Analytics & Lab services as well as cleaning & auditing projects.

Visionary customers in energy and manufacturing sectors are increasing their operational reliability and decreasing costs via Fluid Monitoring & Analytics solutions. Monitored target areas are turbines, gear-boxes, hydraulics, generators and bearings.



"Modern solutions like this are cost-effective and enable better operational assurance."

Kimmo Keinänen, Managing Director,  Kainuun Voima 


How Fluid Intelligence ensures cost-effective energy production for Kainuun Voima?


“Oil maintenance is a reliable method of securing stable, uninterrupted operation".

Markus Lehti, Maintenance Engineer, Keravan Lämpövoima Oy 


"In the continuous production, the reliability of the equipment is important."

Ville Vesterinen, Process Manager, Woikoski


How Fluid reduced Woikoski's risks for unexpected downtimes remarkably?

Logistics and Infra

Logistics and Infra

Logistics and Infra

Heavy duty fleets face nowadays extensive run hours and are required to perform without downtime. Well functioning lubrication is a vital condition for today’s fleets. Changing strategy from cyclical to predictive maintenance gives our customers an edge where they can avoid expensive downtimes and maintenance activities.

Fluid Monitoring & Analytics powered real-time oil monitoring accompanied with sound oil maintenance solutions deliver our customers' fleets the highest standard of reliability. With advanced maintenance strategy our customers can achieve the set goals of maximized oil lifecycle, reliability, decreased maintenance and oil costs.


"Ensuring that oil performance is maintained at the target level will improve the reliability of the machines in the long run and that will eventually be visible in the bottom line."

Marko Seppälä, Sales Director, Suomen Kivisora


How Fluid Intelligence managed to significantly reduce downtimes for Suomen Kivisora?

Maintenance Service Provider

Fluid Intelligence’s Maintenance Service Provider partners embed our services and generate competitive total service offerings for their end customers. Fluid Intelligence advanced oil maintenance solutions along with Fluid Connected Oil Solutions extend this service portfolio unique.

Maintenance Service Providers can better predict maintenance needs, prevent critical machine failures and increase the level of oil processing standards. With these measures in place we can together increase operational reliability, maximize oil lifecycles and save in overall cost structure.

Fluid Monitoring comes with standardized API’s for 3rd party system integration (e.g. monitoring systems).

Maintenance Service Provider

Maintenance Service Provider

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Well implemented oil condition monitoring (OCM) helps equipment manufacturers to build substantial competitive advantage in the markets where operational reliability, lifecycle costs and warranty terms are in the focal point.

Fluid Connected Oil Solutions provides versatile ways to monitor machine condition and  performance. It also let 3rd party validation for correct system usage.