More reliability, Less waste

Fluid Intelligence’s vision is to change the way we use lubricant oils today. We help our customers to maximize their operational reliability and cut waste oil in half.

Lubrication costs heavy industry and logistics over $200bn annually and generates massive streams of waste oil as only fraction of that can be re-refined. Even with all these efforts machines break down and generate unnecessary downtimes and costs.



We connect our customers' oil to Fluid Cloud and change oil from cost to asset. Fluid Intelligence - Oil Connected.


Real-time oil monitoring and analytics


Automate real-time oil condition monitoring (OCM) and activity alerts


See current oil asset performance and get long-term trend analysis


Optimize oil performance and maintain reliability proactively


Enjoy extended operational run-times, save money and environment

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Increase profits, Decrease downtime

Fluid customers take their operational performance to totally new level with our solutions and technology. Real-time visibility and data driven decision making along with Fluid industry expertise make oil an asset.

Our customers range from energy plants to heavy industry and logistics. When oil is a critical element for your business then Fluid is for you.

Increase profits, decrease downtime

Increase profits, decrease downtime


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