Research collaboration between Fluid and the University of Oulu

Fluid Intelligence and the University of Oulu have initiated research co-operation. The purpose of the study is to gather data in laboratory conditions on changes in oil performance and the effects of different particles on it. This data will be used to further develop algorithms in Fluid’s AI-based analytics.

Towards Future Industrial Opportunities in China

Although the term “Industy 4.0” originated with the German government, the idea of a fourth industrial revolution has resonated with manufacturers around the globe. There’s a tendency to associate cutting-edge manufacturing technology with the West, but countries around the globe have been doing their utmost to gain a competitive edge. So, what does Industry 4.0 look like outside of Europe and North America?

Come and meet Fluid's experts at the Northern Industry 2018 event

Northern Industry 2018 is the largest and only industrial trade fair in northern part of Finland. Come and see our experts at the event. At the same time, you can see the Fluid Monitoring Demo on site and hear more about its benefits.

Proactive maintenance is about securing the future

With proactive maintenance you can address use of equipment that is seen risky and other deteriorating development. The aim is to avoid the root causes of damage and all the conditions in which damage can occur. How are then disruptions and problems prevented before they escalate?

ASTM – the oil sampling standard – has been updated

ASTM – the oil sampling standard D8112-17 – was updated in the end of 2017. The updated standard deals with making sampling standardized in energy industry’s more demanding targets like turbines and oil systems. The standard can be applied as a good foundation for proper sampling in different operating environments.