Customer: Suomen Kivisora Oy

Objectives: Reduce downtimes and thus enable long-term planning of operations

Solution: Introduction of Fluid Monitoring and Oil Maintenance Unit

Results: Hydraulic oil performance is maintained, lubrication oil performance fluctuations can be tackled and semi-annual oil change is unnecessary.


Starting point

Suomen Kivisora Oy is a company specializing in the processing and marketing of stone and rock products, established in 2010. Suomen Kivisora offers its customers comprehensive services, from licensing process to mining, crushing and selling of crushed rock.

Behind Kivisora's success is the reliability of the machines and therefore the reduction of unplanned production breaks is the primary objective of maintenance. The crushing environment accumulates large amounts of impurities, forming a risk factor for the lubrication performance and oil usability. Unforeseen downtimes are a challenge for long-term planning and steering of operations.

Machine failures interrupt work, causing additional costs, both in materials and in labor. Kivisora’s machinery operations plan includes the longevity and reliability of the machinery and they have been working on this for a long time.


Kivisora's challenge was solved using Fluid Intelligence's  Connected Oil Solution. Kivisora has implemented oil performance monitoring and maintenance solutions. The measures included are oil performance analyzes, oil performance monitoring and mobile oil maintenance solution.

Firstly, the real-time oil performance remote monitoring solution was implemented to provide information on the use analysis and to ensure the starting level at the site. Improving usability requires a long-term work based on the consideration of smallest details and the consistency of coherent development work. Considering the challenges of Kivisora’s operating environment - impurity, climatic conditions, changing working environments - even remote monitoring equipment requires exceptional durability and reliability.

Fluid Intelligence's oil performance monitoring solution can be used in a variety of areas, such as turbines, gearboxes, hydraulics, generators and bearings. Fluid Monitoring provides a web interface for oil status tracking, alarm management and monthly reports of oil condition.

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The solutions created for Kivisora have been recognized as excellent

  1. The monitoring has shown that hydraulic oil performance has remained good.
  2. The fluctuation in the lubrication oil performance can be addressed and the development of operating methods can be undertaken to ensure that the continuous oil performance is sufficient for the demanding equipment.
  3. The basic need for a semi-annual change of oil has been questioned.




about the project

The Sales Director of Kivisora, Marko Seppälä, points out that: "Improving operational security is at the heart of our profitability. Unpredictable downtime is a big expense, and therefore prevention is very important. Ensuring that oil performance is maintained at the target level will improve the reliability of the machines in the long run and that will eventually be visible in the bottom line. I see this as part of our own growth as a specialist in our field and we are developing our own processes with the oil experts of Fluid Intelligence"


Fluid Intelligence's Mikko Oksanen believes that Kivisora is a good example of a modern company focusing on its core business. They understand the importance of long-term operations and the use of complementary external services. "We at Fluid Intelligence strongly believe in specialization and the benefits it brings. That's why we are able to provide deeper oil expertise and commit 100% to our customers’ business operations development.