Customer: Kainuun Voima Oy

Objectives: To ensure cost-effective energy production

Solution: Enabling Fluid Monitoring to follow oil performance 

Results: Fluid Monitoring enables the following of oil development and immediate intervention in emerging problems


Starting point

Kainuun Voima Oy is a power company half owned by UPM-Kymmene Corporation and the city of Kajaani. This is Finland's first joint venture established by the municipality and the private company operating a large industrial plant.

Kainuun Voima Oy's steam plant is located at the UPM-Kymmene Corporation plant in Kajaani. It produces process steam for companies of Renforsin Ranta and heat for Kajaani's district heating system. In addition it produces electricity at good efficiency. About 90% of the fuel energy is used in the boiler. Activities are thus environmentally friendly and efficient.

Kainuun Voima has been working attentively with lubricating oils for a long time. Oil performance is actively maintained and tracking is done with oil samples. However, unpredictable challenges may endanger even a stable activity. An example of a potential hazard is drip of water that gets into the system. Therefore, monitoring is targeted at the highest risk targets such as the water turbine bearing, control and lubricating oil and critically important transformer.

As Kainuun Voima always wants to be at the forefront of development, they have started working with Fluid Intelligence to explore opportunities for even better monitoring.


Fluid Monitoring is a key element in the Fluid Connected Oil Solution. It provides real-time oil performance monitoring for our customers machines. Since Kainuun Voima already had accurate and extensive tracking based on oil analyzes, remote monitoring was integrated into existing systems.

With Fluid Monitoring, Kainuun Voima now has a web interface to Fluid Cloud -service for oil status monitoring, alarm management and monthly reports of oil-condition.

In addition, traditional follow-ups are being pursued and problems identified. In accordance with the maintenance strategy problems are proactively addressed before they escalate into operational malfunctions.



The solutions created for Kainuun Voima have been recognized as excellent.


  1. It has been possible to tackle the on-going, potentially problematic development of oil performance
  2. There is a coherent image of the development of oil condition, that allows further development of proactive maintenance approaches.




about the project

"Responsiveness to problematic development is important because machine failures need quick reactions. Fluid Monitoring gives us time to react in peace and also allows us to avoid problems that can develop into operational problems. Modern solutions like this are cost-effective and enable better operational assurance" say Kimmo Keinänen, Managing Director of Kainuun Voima and Maintenance Lead Jouko Leinonen.

"Cooperation with Kainuun Voima has been easy and solutions are tailored to support their long-term maintenance strategy. Kainuun Voima has a long experience in maintaining oil performance and they have successfully intervened with emerging problems before. It is a pleasure to work with a pioneering company and create solutions that change the world." praises Fluid’s Mikko Oksanen to the co-operation with Kainuun Voima.