Our Partners

Our business is based on knowledge, both our own and our broad international network of excellence, which allows our solutions to unprecedented coverage.

Our partners of oil excellence

oelcheck-logoOelCheck GmbH is the leading laboratory for lubricant and oil analyses throughout the European market. Founded in 1991, the laboratory is still 100% family-owned and therefore completely independent.
OELCHECK offers specific all-inclusive analysis for
different lubricant types and applicaitons which include all required test procedures. In the laboratory analyses values are examined and compared to possible results of previous analyses to identify existing trends.
Fluid Intelligence relies on the expertise of OELCHECK in the analysis of oil and extends its capacity of oil analysis.

vplogga-2VPdiagnose is a Swedish independent oil focused laboratory, led by industry legend Lars Arvidsson. Their special expertise include transformer oils, lubricating oils in general, and in particular life-cycle management and sustainability issues.

Fluid Intelligence Ltd relies on VPdiagnose’s their capacity to solve complex problems related to oil use and handling based on the Chemistry science and their own laboratory capabilities.

tandelta-logoTANDELTA SYSTEMS Ltd. develops and produces the oil condition sensors

Fluid Intelligence Ltd relies on TANDELTA solutions for their remote condition monitorin systems.

Fluid Intelligence Ltd acts as the official representative of Tandelta products in Finland.

fluitec_rgbFluitec  develops and provides oil-cleaning technologies to enable its clients to achieve “fill-for-life” lubricants. Their field of expertise is understanding oil degradation and delivering solutions to the challenges that their customers face.  Fluitec have products within Condition Monitoring, Contamination Control and Fluid Enhancement, all delivering key benefits on the journey to “fill-for-life” lubricants.

Read more about Fluitec technologies here.

Fluid Intelligence Ltd acts as the officially recognised distributor of Fluitec’s RULER View™, ESP, Boost VR, Endure IX and StealthEHC products in Finland.

logoNTZ-Filters has over 35 years of experience in the production of highly efficient oil filtration solutions for a variety of applications such as motors, gears, hydraulics in various industries.

NTZ filtration solutions can be used for filtration of lubrication, power transmission, heat transfer and insulating oils as well as Heavy Duty and industrial environment. NTZ products are cost-effective and versatile filter supply makes it possible to respond to a wide range of problems and to maintain a constant usable condition of oil.

menu_topSivuprofiili Oy develops and provides maintenance and development of IT systems in a variety of environments.

Sivuprofiili’s know-how is utilized at Fluid Intelligence remote oil condition monitorin solutions, their implementation and tailoring in to customer’s environment.

 Know-how and knowledge is importat but in the rust and metal, real experience is required. Fluid Intelligence Oy assembling partners quarantees the ability to answer stiff challenges and stick project schedules.



Our partners in Assembling Excellence

timthumb-phpKeurusseudun LVI-palvelu offer industrial assembling services at Northern Pirkanmaa and South-west Central-Finland area alltogether with 5 permanent employees.

The Excellende of Keurusseudun LVI-palvelu includes all plumming, assembling and related projects. Also they have expertise in Air condition and Heating equipment. They have ability to solve wide variety of problems related to their fields of excellence.