Enabling Technologies

Enabling technologies

Innovative solutions are enabled trough best  commercially available technologies for oil conditioning. We are constantly looking for the advancement of science and development of new solutions for challenges our customers are experiencing.

Oil Cleaning Technologies

We offer two high profile efficient oil cleaning technologies to solve different oil contamination problems.



Fluitec  develops and provides oil-cleaning technologies to enable its clients to achieve “fill-for-life” lubricants. Their field of expertise is understanding oil degradation and delivering solutions to the challenges that their customers face.  Fluitec have products within Condition Monitoring, Contamination Control and Fluid Enhancement, all delivering key benefits on the journey to “fill-for-life” lubricants.

Varnish detection

The key to the treatment of any lubricant is to understand how its condition is trending during its lifetime.  Fluitec offers two pieces of Condition Monitoring equipment, RULER View™ and MPC.  Regular use of RULER View™ testing will provide operators of rotating equipment with the full picture of their fluid’s antioxidant additive health, a critical part of an effective condition monitoring program.  The Membrane Patch Colorimetry (MPC) test is a quick, cost-effective way of assessing an oil’s varnish potential.  Understanding the trend data relating to RULER View™ and MPC ensures users have a clear measure of antioxidant health and varnish formation.

Varnish removal

vita-ii_elementsFluitec’s Contamination Control offer begins with their globally-proven Electrophysical Separation Process (ESP) which can provide varnish-free lubrication systems by removing oil degradation products held both in suspension and in solution within an oil.  ESP is in operation on hundreds of pieces of rotating equipment with a customer base extending to more than 65 countries.  Fluitec’s VITA ESP II and VITA ESP III contamination control units offer cleaning solutions for a wide range of lubrication system sizes.

Boost VR (varnish removal) is an oil-based product which acts as a solubility enhancer for an in-service oil.  Using Boost VR increases your oil’s solvency while re-solubilising deposits.  Boost VR is most often used at the end of an oil’s useful life and users simply add Boost VR to their lubrication system three months prior to an oil change and connect an ESP system.  When the outage begins, customers dispose of the old oil and add new oil to a clean system.  There is no need for chemical / detergent flushing, no labour required and the Boost VR treatment does not impact outage resources.

Phosphate ester oil conditioning

Fluitec also offers market-leading products to maintain the health of phosphate ester (PE) fluids used in Electro-Hydraulic Control (EHC) systems.  Endure IX is a proprietary technology that removes all forms of phosphate ester degradation products. In addition to all types of acids, the absorption media removes phenolic alcohols which are responsible for varnish formation in EHC systems. 

stealth-aStealthEHC offers a simple, elegant solution to exclude moisture and contaminants from EHC systems. StealthEHC system blankets the reservoir headspace with super-dry, clean air. A low pressure air purge in the EHC reservoir headspace simultaneously accomplishes two important tasks – extracting moisture from the fluid while excluding contaminant ingression.

Fluid Intelligence Ltd acts as the officially recognised distributor of Fluitec’s RULER View™, ESP, Boost VR, Endure IX and StealthEHC products in Finland.


NTZ Filter has designed and manufactured for over 35 years highly efficient oil filtration products. NTZ has products to solve oil contamination problems in oil systems for OEM’s as well as industrial equipment and heavy duty solutions.

totaaloverzicht_3029rgbNTZ filters are high quality products designed for superior filtration of lubrication oil, thermal oil, transmission oil, transformer oil and furnace oil. NTZ filters ensure superior cleanliness of these fluids and the systems that use it through extreme fine filtration down to 0.5 micron, to obtain the highest cleanliness standards thereby offering a wide range of user benefits

NTZ produces bypass and inline micro filtration systems for engine, transmission and power steering application throughout the transportation industry, and hydraulic filtration systems for industrial and mobile applications. We’re continuously developing new micro filtration systems for applications of the future.

More to come…

Fluid Intelligence is constantly seeking new and all the time better technologies to provide their customer best possible service and solutions in their most challenging problems.

If you have a new technology or product, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Let’s have a discussion and see how your product will enable us!

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