Circular Economy

Circular Economy is more than technology!

Circular Economy refers to materials and resource usage with methods that leads no waste left over in production process or waste is always a new raw material in other processes. Circular Economy requires the efficient use of materials and resources and the efficient us implies always that every resource available is used with best available specific know-how. The co-operation between different partners in economic value chains are foregone conclusion.

Finnish Sitra (Finnish Innovation Fund) Circular Economy -program webpage’s has compiled more different examples how materials and resources efficient usage create new business opportunities for different actors and even more business areas. New business areas are revolutionary either by their technological approach or by their business approach,

New business models re-writes old business rules of thumb!

New business models re-writes old business rules of thumb!


Market Economy based Circular Economy is based on new business models

Despite that Circular Economy as new economic model have given lot of unrealistic expectation and even intentional abuse, the core of Circular Economy is more efficient use of resources and it has lots of similarities with well known recognized business development theories such as Kaizen and or LEAN approaches even though it is not comparable with these.

In general in Finland and around the globe, the current mood is more and more pro Circular Economy, not only since it has been branded to emphases environmental awareness. The more pro market economy solutions are demanded since the state subsidies policies has lead to huge economical problems in most countries with market failures that has made entire industries to collapse on the state subsidies.

Growth is the matter of learning, not of consumption!

Growth is the matter of learning, not of consumption!

Circular Economy is sustainable implemented only by developing business models that through markets produce benefits both customers and sellers and besides that are environmental. For example traditional methods of production of raw materials may be economically unsustainable if costs are included external usage and disposal costs. If end user pays all costs the preferred methods and raw materials often changes.

The concept of Circular Economy is based on new industrial revolution INDUSTRY 4.0, development of responsible business approach and RECYCLING 2.0. Combined these concepts the true meaning of Circular Economy is created and the real and practical revolutionary change is  concrete.

Fluid Intelligence is all about revolution of business models

Fluid Intelligence Ltd offers the possibility to change the way customer consumes lubricant oil, hydraulic oil, heat transfer oil or insulation oil, not to consume but intelligently use of oils for their benefits. The solutions guarantee the better reliability, helps to save costs and to reduce the consume of resources with economically viable method!

Our solutions provides our customer with better usage of oil, better information of customers own equipment and all this by saving their own money!

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